What is DEIB-PCAN's purpose?

Our purpose is raise awareness about issues of race, diversity, inclusion, and other forms of inequality, to advocate for our neighbors and families from historically marginalized groups, while also holding the district accountable in these areas.

What is the difference between the DEIB-PCAN and other district or school diversity committees?

We are parent led group serving as eyes and ears currently at each MDRSD school. We are not under the umbrella of the district. We advocate, raise awareness, and hold our schools and the district accountable regarding issues of race and equality. We stand up where the district has failed us.

Can parents/caregivers who are not persons of color be in DEIB-PCAN?

We welcome anyone who shares our vision and mission- to create a truly welcoming, inclusive and equitable community. We are represent diverse cultural, gender, racial, religious, familial, socio-economic, citizenship and political backgrounds. We understand the importance of having allies and we welcome them.

Is this available in my school district?

While we are currently active in MGRSD Schools, this parent network of building relationships and taking action can be replicated in any district. 

How can I join?

Please sign up to join our email list at

https://www.deibpcan.org/contact, where you will receive information on upcoming social events or

meetings to join. Contact leadership at deibpcan@gmail.com if you are interested in joining a small

group or have other involvement interest.