Bias Reporting

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” -Peter Drucker

MGRSD has a new bias reporting form. Still, more is needed, as many families are not aware of it and/or do not feel it adequately serves their needs.  

The primary goal is for our collective (DEIB-PCAN) to provide support to the individual(s) and families impacted.  We want our families, neighbors and friends who are marginalized in our community to freely share their experiences, and be heard and supported. Furthermore, these reports will be useful metrics in determining a) Frequency of bias incidents in the MGRSD; b) the response of the MGRSD; c) next steps in DEIB initiatives by MGRSD and d) next steps in DEIB initiatives by DEIB-PCAN. 

If you or someone you know experienced or witnessed an incident of bias, please complete click here to access the  DEIB-PCAN form.

The MGRSD form can be found here.